Product Information

All product images displayed on the website are mockups. While we strive for design placement and color accuracy, it’s important to note that slight variations may occur due to the limitations of digital representations and manufacturing processes.

When it comes to our garment collection, we pay meticulous attention to design placement following the latest industry standards. Our product mockups give you an accurate representation of where your designs will be placed on the garments. This enables you to visualize how the artwork, logos, or graphics will appear once the product is manufactured.

Additionally, we use state-of-the-art printing techniques and technologies to ensure that the colors in the designs are vibrant and true to the original artwork. While there may be slight variations due to differences in screen displays, we strive to minimize any discrepancies and provide you with the closest representation of the chosen colors and designs.

Size charts are provided for all garments. Each brand and style sizes differently. Check the size charts carefully before ordering. There are no returns and exchanges for incorrect sizes ordered.

All drinkware products are permanently printed. Stainless steel and glass products should be hand washed. Ceramic products are dishwasher (top rack, regular cycle) and microwave safe.

Products in this category may be made from fabric, glass, aluminum, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), and hardwood. Care information can be found on the individual product descriptions on this website or will be included with the ordered product.

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